The Most Popular Paraffin Wax Application

The Most Popular Paraffin Wax Application

The candle industry is one of the largest and oldest industries in the world for refined paraffin wax consumption. Why people choose paraffin wax for candle making? Is paraffin wax safe? Find answers here.

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Paraffin wax is a kind of petroleum wax. It is also a kind of mineral wax. Fully refined paraffin wax  is translucent solid. Paraffin wax is a byproduct of the oil purification process. Through a dewaxing process that crude oil undergoes, paraffin wax is derived and is then processed further for use in products.

1557388480712135.jpgIt is divided into crude paraffin, semi-refined paraffin wax and fully refined paraffin, edible paraffin,etc. Of them, fully refined paraffin wax is the most widely used. The candle industry is one of the largest and oldest industries in the world for refined paraffin  wax consumption. For nearly a century, petroleum wax has remained the preferred raw material for candle making. 

Why people choose paraffin wax for candle making? The main benefit of paraffin wax for candle making is how easy it is to use! It has loose requirements for wick compared with other kinds of wax. It is easy to dye with all types of candle dyes. All the candle making fragrances and additives work well in it.

1557803540584729.jpgIs paraffin wax  safe? There is still a controversy whether paraffin wax candle is bad for you. You can find plenty of articles online talking about how paraffin wax release toxic fumes. It is not exactly false, but it is not exactly true either. First, not all paraffin wax do create soot. Most paraffin candle is smokeless for choosing quality cotton wick and fully refined paraffin wax. And with full burning, it is more unlikely to release any harmful substances. 

Second, even if there is some chemicals candles emitting that may be hazardous to your health. The amount of these chemicals that are being release into the air are so small that most people are not affected by them.

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