How to Make Paraffin Wax Candle

How to Make Paraffin Wax Candle

Among various candle making materials, paraffin wax has been the most economic choice. Candle molds, candle making machine and candle filling machine are involved to make different kinds of candles. Learn more details here.

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A candle, made of wax or other fuel, has a wick that can be burned after ignition. Candles are generally used for lighting, but they were gradually replaced by electric lights after the power revolution. Nowadays, candles are often used as spare lighting in the event of power outages. Candles are also used for festivals or other special days and places of worship. Burning candles often occur in gatherings or collective mourning events around the country.

Candle Raw Material

paraffin wax vs other waxes.jpgAnimal fats: Candles made from animal fats, usually tallow. The tallow vaporization temperature is around 230 degrees, while the ignition point is slightly above 300 degrees. The main active ingredient is triglycerides.

Beeswax:  Beeswax is substantially free of triglycerides, but a higher ester of a 16 carbon acid (palmitic acid or palmitoleic acid) with a higher alcohol of 30 carbons.

Whale fat: An ester formed from palmitic alcohols each containing 16 carbons and palmitic acid.

Plant wax: Plant wax is mainly produced from tropical palm trees, lacquer trees, candel trees, sugar cane, etc., which is more stable than animal wax sources. Among them, palm wax is highly similar to spermaceti wax..

Paraffin wax: Nowadays, it has usually been made of petroleum by-product paraffin wax. Fully refined paraffin is the best choice. Some quality and cheaper semi refined paraffin wax is also candle maker’s choice.

Candle wick

candle wick.jpgThe wick is a must for burning candles. The wick is mainly used to draw the heated liquefied wax into the flame and vaporize it. The wick is made of natural fiber materials such as cotton and bamboo. Since the wick is located in the inner flame of the candle, the temperature is low and the wick fibers are gradually carbonized but do not burn. For this reason, there is a need to "cut the candle" in ancient times.

In the 19th century, a Frenchman invented a wick with a multi-strand cotton thread. Although the burning wick of the candle gradually became longer, the multi-strand cotton was automatically dissipated and exposed to the outer flame of the flame and burned. After that, the burning of the candle no longer requires people to manually cut the candle.

How to Make Candles

four types of candle machines_副本.jpgThere are three ways to make candles: candle mold(including plastic mold, alloy mold, aluminum mold,etc), candle machine and candle filling machine.

No matter candle making machine or candle filling machine, there are both manual one and automatic one. For beginners, manual candle machine is the cheapest one and suitable for making almost all kinds of candles like pillar candle, tealight candle,white candle,etc. But if you want to expand business, automatic candle making machine is the best choice.

For tealight candle or jar candle, candle filling machine is very useful. Semi automatic tealight candle filling machine is a popular choice for numerous candle makers.

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