1. Is your paraffin wax industrial grade or food grade?

It is industrial grade. It can’t be used for food preservation and skin care.

2. How to purchase our paraffin wax in bulk?

You can leave message on any page of our website or consult our online customer service. You also can contact us by whatsapp or email. Our whatsapp:+86 13783679364 and our email: ffaith@ffaith-group.com. We will reply you in 24 hours.

3.Is your wax for wholesale or personal purchase?

We are for wholesale. But we also support small orders.

4. What's the delivery time ?

Deposit received 10-15 days of delivery. The order below 200 tons, we have paraffin wax in stock. The delivery time will be in three days.

5. Can you proceed by our specification and package? 
An: Definitely is available, we do OEM service and any of your request about package can be customized.

6. Why Choose Ffaith Paraffin Wax?

Since found in 1998,we focus on paraffin industry, only paraffin wax. With close cooperation with PetroChina and Sinopec, our paraffin wax can meet your diverse requirements.

7. Which kinds of paraffin wax do you have?

We have complete kinds of crude paraffin, semi- refined paraffin wax and fully refined paraffin waxes from the low melting point 52 to high melting point 70.

8. Why choose paraffin wax as candle wax?

Its productivity is large and price is cheap. More importantly, paraffin wax is of better burn quality and has looser requirements for wick. Candle dyes dissolve and disperses much easier in molten mineral wax, resulting in a beautifully even coloured candle.

9. Is paraffin wax safe for making candles?

When candles generate soot, it will release some harmful chemicals. Generally speaking, candles made from fully or semi refined paraffin wax is no smoke, so it is safe to make candles.

10. What are the uses of Paraffin Wax?

Crude wax is widely used in making matches, canvas, rubber products and other industrial materials.

Semi refined and fully refined paraffin wax are used for quality candle making, crayon, wax paper, packaging materials, coating materials, hot-melt adhesive and other chemical raw materials.

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