Crude Wax|Different Types of Paraffin Wax

Crude Wax|Different Types of Paraffin Wax

Type: Crude wax

Oil content:1.63%

Melting point: 52#-70#

Feature Service: fast delivery of 3-15 days

Application: making matches, canvas, rubber products,etc.

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Factory Since 1983

50000 m2 workshop, 500 sets of production machines and more than 3000 workers. More than 30% into research and development cost. Solid Power ensure our paraffin wax.

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High Quality

Origin from PetroChina and Sinopec. In accordance with National Standard. Quality assurance. We are devoted to build a reliable paraffin wax brand.

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All of our paraffin wax for sale are well packed and sealed. Different forms are available. We choose reliable shipping agent to ensure speedy reach.

What is Crude Wax?

Compared with fully refined paraffin or semi refined paraffin wax, crude paraffin wax is less known. Crude wax refers to paraffin wax that hasn’t undergone a final refining process after sweating or solvent deoiling.

Crude Paraffin Application

Crude paraffin is of higher oil content and darker, its quality is lower than that of fully refined paraffin or semi refined paraffin even with same melting point. 

But in some industrial field, it is also popular because of its cheap price. Crude wax is widely used in making matches, canvas, rubber products and other industrial materials.

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Crude Paraffin Specification


Quality Index

Test Method








Melting Point(℃)
















Oil Content(%)









Mechanical Impunity&Moisture


Visual Measurement

Crude Paraffin Wax in Stock for Packaging and Shipping

Packaging and Shipping

Our universal packaging is 30 kg/ carton for according to the customers’ requirements.

Express or sea shipping is available depending on the purchasing amount.

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Company Information

Ffaith is a leading China and a major worldwide paraffin wax supplier. Since founded, Ffaith has close cooperation with PetroChina and Sinopec.

We have now total 6 factories located in China and Iran,more than 50000M2 workshop,500 sets of production machines and equipments,more than 3000 workers.The annual yield about 200000 tons.Sold to all over the world and hundred of customer。



1. Is your paraffin wax industrial grade or food grade?

It is industrial grade. It can’t be used for food preservation and skin care.

2. Is your wax for wholesale or personal purchase?

We are for wholesale. But if you like to buy small amount of paraffin wax as sample, it is OK.

3. What's the melting point of your paraffin wax?

The melting point of our crude paraffin wax is 52#,54#,56#,58#,60#,62# and70#.

4. Can your crude paraffin wax be used for candle making?

At present, less people use crude wax for candle making. Crude wax is widely used in matches, canvas, rubber products and other industrial materials.

5. How to purchase our fully refined paraffin wax?

You can leave message on any page of our website or consult our online customer service. You also can contact us by whatsapp or email. Our whatsapp:+86 13783679364 and our email: We will reply you in 24 hours.

6.  What's the delivery time?

Deposit received 10-15 days of delivery. The order below 200 tons, we have paraffin wax in stock. The delivery time will be in 3 days.

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